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Cyber Data-Risk Managers are nationally recognised insurance brokers specialising in Cyber insurance and Technology Risk Insurance for SMEs digitising their businesses and supply chains.  Cyber Data- Risk Managers was one of the first Cyber specialist brokers in Australia when we first started to offer insurance in 2013. Our value proposition in offering your business the best insurance solutions is based on extensive research and global underwriter relationships.

We work with a wide range of clients from Health, Ecommerce & Technology sectors. Our clients include Health Associations, Medical Centers, Dental Practices, E-commerce SMEs, Digital Businesses, Cloud Service Providers, Qualified Security Advisors (QSAs) and others. With businesses continuing to use  the internet for offering products, services and advice – they shall face increasing new risks & liabilities. Our endeavor is to research on emergent risks and source the best insurance wordings for your business.

Cyber Data-Risk Managers also draws upon its affiliate relationship with Cyber Data-Risk Managers LLC based in Princeton, USA.  Cyber Data Risk Managers LLC has been operating for two years and is a recognized insurance broker specializing in cyber/data breach insurance in the United States.

Our coverage offerings include (not limited to):

• Cyber / Data Breach Insurance
• Personal Cyber Insurance
• IT Liability Insurance
• Management Liability Insurance
• Intellectual Property Insurance
• Cyber Insurance for E-commerce
• Practice Medical Indemnity Insurance

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