In the last one year, health practitioners were forced to use telehealth platforms and adopt telemedicine that signified a paradigm shift in health delivery. Intertwining of healthcare and technology sectors continues but  digital health and associated emergent risk pose fresh challenges for health practices.  What are the implications for your insurance and risk management:

1: General Liability/ Bodily Injury

A patient interacting with technology may get injured but traditional bodily injury coverage triggers have become outdated and may no longer be relevant to technology related injury.

2: Cyber Risk

Healthcare providers had to roll out mobile technologies in response to pandemic restrictions overlooking security and accepting higher risk by relaxing firewall rules to accommodate remote working. Obligations under Privacy Act for safeguarding patient information during remote consultations, and ensuring security of patient identify through encryption may have been ignored leading to higher cyber exposures.

3: Management Liability/ Board Liability

Regulatory issues may also arise with insurers expecting a new wave of medical board investigations as health providers deal with complex wave of  federal and state regulatory jurisdictions.

Thus your insurances may have gaps and exposures with insurers also placing new exclusions for digital health claim scenarios.


Progressive insurance policies offered by London underwriters like CFC have greater coverage for e-health scenarios:

Coverage extends to use of artificial intelligence, remote patient monitoring and interactive telemedicine services. telemedicine platforms and providers, mHealth apps, remote patient monitoring tools, artificial intelligence, ePharmacies and eHealth research involving data collection and analysis.

What does the insurance cover?

  • Bodily injury arising from healthcare services, technology activities, cyber events and system outages
  • Technology errors and omissions not included in medical malpractice insurance
  • Products failing to perform and malfunctioning not included in General Liability insurance
  • Cyber and privacy tailored to address digital healthcare companies’ specific cyber exposures which traditional cyber policies may not include
  • Automatic coverage for physicians and medical practitioners as employee.

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