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IT liability insurance caters to the risks faced by businesses operating in the IT Industry & offering IT services and products to clients.IT Liability incorporates features of traditional Public Liability;Product Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance for IT businesses.

In offering IT products and services, your IT business may be exposed to the product/service associated risk related to clients (third party) incurring bodily/property injury; infringement of intellectual property; personal injury as a result of your product/service. Similarly your business (first party) may have to incur huge expenses when forced to recall your product under special circumstances. There are policy conditions, so you will want to make sure you understand up front the extent of coverage & what’s required on your part for coverage to apply.

IT liability offers comprehensive risk management solutions to IT businesses to protect them from risk and financial loss.

IT businesses that may benefit from IT Liability insurance include:

– Software developers
– Software Resellers
– ISP (Internet Service Provider)
– IT service providers (any kind of Information technology related services)
– IT Manufacturers/Vendors (IT products)
– Telecommunication companies (telecommunication products and services)
– Application service providers

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