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Cyber Insurance can help organisations get back to business after a cyber attack or a data breach. While Cyber Insurance can’t prevent an attack from happening, it can help your business or organisation respond to a cyber attack including a denial of service (dos) attack on your e- commerce store, website hack, data loss or a privacy breach incident.

If your business collects data and/or has an online presence and makes use of social media to communicate with stakeholders – cyber security and its associated reputation risk would naturally be among your top concerns.It is therefore no surprise that Cyber Insurance, with data breach response features, is becoming a necessary addition to the risk management strategy of businesses all size.

Cyber Insurance / Data Privacy Insurance offers a comprehensive solution in the event of a cyber attack; forced e-commerce store shutdown; website hack; privacy breach and/or data loss recovery scenario.There are policy conditions, so you will want to make sure you understand up front the extent of coverage & what’s required on your part for coverage to apply.

Let our Experienced Cyber Insurance Experts Help

Cyber Data-Risk Managers works to understand not just the various Cyber Insurance / Data Breach Insurance policies that are available today, but also the threats of today and the trends of tomorrow.

For assistance or to learn how a Cyber Insurance / Data Breach Insurance policy can help you be prepared for a network security situation or a data breach event call us on 03 8640 0962.

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