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Professional Indemnity Insurance offers protection to businesses and individual professionals against claims for – financial loss, injury, damage and/ or civil liability actions.

If you are a Professional and offer professional services and advice – you may face claims alleging errors & omissions and/ or breach of contract in rendering professional duties & services to clients who may wish to recover losses.Professionals offering professional services/ advice must be aware of professional risk and get adequate cover.

There are policy conditions, so you will want to make sure you understand up front the extent of coverage & what’s required on your part for coverage to apply.

Businesses/Professionals that may benefit from Professional Indemnity Insurance include:

• Engineers
• Architects
• Designers
• Accountants
• Consultants
• Financial Services
• Legal Professionals
• Real Estate

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Cyber Data-Risk Managers Pty Ltd works to understand not just the various Professional Indemnity Insurance policies that are available today, but also the threats of today and the trends of tomorrow.

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